Floor Installation:

Surface Preparation

Parquet and hardwood floor installation is possible only on properly prepared plywood, particleboard or concrete draft floor.

There are no technological problems to install parquet on floors with under-floor heating. The only thing is to prepare the parquet properly and to choose the right professional adhesive. Our choice is „STAUF” adhesives WFR-5; PUK-470 or SMP-940. If the under-floor heating is the only heating device for the room, we offer to think over its effectiveness. Wood is an excellent heatproof material, and the floor with under-floor heating cannot support the best heating performance during the winter season.

The surface must be even (max difference ±2 mm for 2 – 3 m), stable and dry. You should be especially careful with concrete surfaces, because the top can be dry, but the inner layers still wet. Normally the drying time of concrete layer is about 1 cm per month, if there are no additional dryers at the place.

Indoor Conditions

Optimal conditions for parquet installation are: moderate air humidity (45 – 55%) and temperature (+ 16°C – +25°C). Before the process you should measure the air humidity and temperature with professional equipment and estimate the humidity of the concrete layer as well.

In buildings under construction you should be aware that the heating is already working 2 – 3 weeks prior the start of the flooring.


Before you choose the right species of wood and floor pattern you should consult a professional designer. Wood floor is rather expensive thing and you can use it for many years, that is why you have to make your best choice. We offer you professional advices in flooring and we are working hard to make our advices fit you best.

Parquet Installation

After you have finished the surface preparation and finished most of the decoration processes (primed walls, painted ceiling) as well, and the indoor conditions are as mentioned before, you can start parquet installation. We have seen many cases of malpractice when a customer asks us to correct the failures of other so-called craftsmen, so we recommend trusting only professional companies. Unfortunately only in few cases it’s possible to repair separate floor areas. More often it’s necessary to demount all the layer, correctly prepare the surface and reinstall parquet. Parquet cannot be used again, and the customer has to be aware of double expenses.

If necessary, the surface should be primed before the installation to provide good adherence, correct the mismatch with concrete humidity etc.

Parquet and hardwood floor installation should be performed with professional adhesives. We also recommend using parquet nails, when installing parquet on a wooden surface (plywood or particle board). The choice of correct adhesive is very important during all the lifetime of your flooring. Our experts will recommend you the correct adhesive according to the case – possible humidity e.g. in bathrooms or at the pool, species of wood, size of boards, surface material etc.


For additional information ask our experts.


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