Floor treatment


Parquet or hardwood floor after installing has to be sanded, polished and finished. For this stage of work we recommend to hire a professional company, and the floor will have a correctly finished and beautiful appearance. Experts of „Parketa Nams” use the best sanding equipment in the world – sanders from the German manufacturer „Lagler”. For best performance the floor sanding requires sanders of four types:

  • Belt floor sander „Hummel” for basic sanding;
  • Handheld floor edger „Elan” or „Flip” for edge sanding;
  • Floor sander with 3 sanding discs „Trio” for buffing and polishing;
  • Disc polisher „Single” for oiling or polishing between the coats of finish.

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Types of treatment:

  • Oiling (waxing);
  • Finishing

There are two basic types of floor treatment: oiling and finishing.



Oil or wax always soak into the top of the wood, impregnating or saturating it, and the wear of the floor surface depends on the time in which the impregnated layer wears out.

Oiled floor will always have a natural look, the pores will remain open, and the floor will so to say „breathe”. Nevertheless you must take into account that oiled floor is less protected from stains and needs regular care and maintenance. Another way is to prime floors with lye prior to oiling. Lye prevents yellowing of the floor, and the floor will remain whitish. This is for customers, who wish to see the floor in cold and reserved colors.

After priming the floor must be oiled and polished. „Parketa Nams” offer Professional oils of Danish manufacturer „TripTrap”. Oiling gives the surface light satin look. Available oil colors: white, cherry, dark brown, black, etc.

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Finishing fills the pores producing a film over the surface of wooden floor. Usually three coats of finish are applied, however instead of the first coat can be applied a prime. “Parketa Nams” offers only professional finishes from German manufacturer „LOBA”. Professional finishes are relatively divided into three groups according to the use: for light, moderate and heavy traffic. Considering the environmental protection requirements, most finishes are water-based, with no odor and face the possibility to change the color of the surface from bright yellow to whitish.

After some time (8 years for professional finishes and oils) the floor will wear out in the most stressed areas. Then you should sand off the old finish or oil and recoat the floor. The advantage of wooden floors is exactly in the possibility to repair the surface. You can always recoat your floor, and it will have a new look.


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